Thursday, April 28, 2011

"3rd Grade" Comes to a Close!

Well, Emmett's year-end assessment was yesterday and it feels good to finish off the year with such awesome results!

His scores:

Math -- 4th grade

Reading -- 7th grade

Reading Comprehension -- 5th grade

Spelling -- 6th grade

No wonder Emmett doesn't know how to answer when someone asks what grade level he is!

Now...on to "4th grade". LOL!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


This special friend of Emmett's is named "Woof".

Beaver-Proofing Simeon's Crib

Somehow, beavers got into our house and mercilessly attacked Simeon's crib. We've taken steps to discourage further attacks and to prevent Simeon from getting ahold of any more paint and wood chips that are left behind.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Portland Pics

Emmett and I had a wonderful time on our weekend get-away to Portland.

Friday, we went to Bob's Red Mill where we met up with a school friend of mine who I haven't seen since 10th grade. She brought her son along, and after lunch, the boys played at the park. Then, it was off to Powell's City of Books, Lloyd Center, and a late dinner at IHOP.

On Saturday, Emmett and I spent most of the day at OMSI, went swimming at the hotel, then met another friend for dinner.

Before heading back up north on Sunday, I drove by our old house to show Emmett where I lived while growing up.